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Data management policy for Drivers

BFTG Hungary Kft.

Headquarters: 2481 Velence, Balatoni út 2210/2



BFTG Hungary Transport Organizer and Service Limited Liability Company (Cg.: 07-09-034776, registered office: 2481 Velence, Balatoni út 2210/2., hereinafter: the Company) as an independent dispatch service (a service that mediates and organizes passenger taxi services), with enterprises in a contractual relationship providing passenger taxi services, including those acting on their behalf, performed by the driver of the passenger taxi (hereinafter referred to as the Service Provider) and Ondemand Apps OÜ, a company registered and operating under the laws of the Republic of Estonia, registered address 10145, Estonia , Tallinn, Tornimäe 7-36, reg. number: 14521027 (“Onde”), they apply to the passenger taxi service provided through the FEXI application (hereinafter also referred to as: FEXI Application and FEXI App) developed and partially operated by (hereinafter: Service).

The data controller acknowledges the content of this legal notice as binding. The purpose of this Data Management Notice is to inform customers, partners, and principals about the management of their personal data. The data manager handles personal data exclusively in accordance with the provisions of the applicable laws and strictly in compliance with the provisions of the data management and data protection provisions, taking into account the principles of legality, fair procedure and transparency, purpose-boundness, data economy, accuracy, and limited storage capacity.

The data controller takes all technical and organizational measures to ensure that the personal data of its partners is secure, according to the European Parliament and Council (EU) 2016/679. handle it in the manner prescribed by its regulation.

In accordance with the above, the data controller developed its everyday activities, developed its regulations, records, document samples, and information.

This data management information sheet does not apply to the data management in which the taxi service providers are considered data controllers.

Scope of processed personal data:

  • Driver’s name, phone number, e-mail address, place of residence
  • Driver location data and previously traveled routes
  • Vehicle data (including license plate number and registration number).
  • Driver efficiency and ratings
  • Driver’s license, taxi driver’s license, photo, occupation and identity documents.
  • Data related to criminal record
  • Information about disputes/complaints
  • The financial data related to the passenger transport service are not considered personal data, as the Drivers provide them in the scope of economic activity and in the context of professional services

Purpose of data management:

  • The purpose of handling personal data is to create a connection between the passenger and the driver via the FEXI app, and for BFTG Hungary Kft. to organize the transport as efficiently as possible.
  • Location data and routes collected during the use of the application

we use it to analyze the geographical coverage in order for the Drivers

we can recommend more efficient routes. If you don’t want to share the

location data with passengers, you must close the FEXI app or indicate in the app that you are offline and do not currently provide passenger transport services.

  • The purpose of handling the driver’s license, passenger taxi driver’s license, taxi station use permit, personal identification documents and criminal record data is to establish compliance with legal regulations and suitability for providing passenger taxi services.
  • The app displays the driver’s photo, name, phone number and vehicle details to the passengers so that the passenger can identify the vehicle and the driver, which means that the passengers can access the driver’s phone number provided by the driver

the proper performance of passenger taxi service and/or the return of lost items

in order to

  • In the FEXI Driver Application, you will see aggregates that show the efficiency of the Driver and

contains his evaluations. Making summaries and evaluations is necessary to be

we can provide passengers with a reliable service.

  • If you send a complaint via the app or in another way, you wrote in your complaint

information is processed for the purpose of investigating the complaint.

Legal basis for data management:

  • Management of personal data with the Driver’s employer (Private taxi service provider)

or necessary to fulfill a contract with a driver (in the case of an individual entrepreneur). FEX

the prerequisite for using the service is to download the FEXI application, the locator

authorization of data on the device, the Driver’s permission and consent to the processing of personal identification data and location data.

  • Personal data may also be processed based on the legitimate interests of the FEXI application and BFTG Hungary Kft., such as in relation to the detection of payment fraud and related investigations.

Recipients of data management:

  • Passengers whose orders you have accepted can access your personal data. Passengers see the driver’s name, vehicle, phone number, photo and location information. Passengers can also see the driver’s personal data on the summary sent after the ride.

Data management of BFTG Hungary Kft.:

  • The 176/2015. (VII. 7.) Due to the legal obligation contained in the Government Decree (“Taxi Decree”), BFTG Hungary Kft. retains the telephone conversation if you order a taxi via telephone call. The legal basis for data management is the fulfillment of the legal obligation of BFTG Hungary Kft. BFTG Hungary Kft, as a service provider, stores the telephone conversations for 60 months. Based on the contract with BFTG Hungary, H1 Komm Kft, as a data processor, handles phone calls, takes taxi orders and records conversations in accordance with GDPR rules.
  • As a data processor, the FEXI App manages and stores data related to ordering taxis and providing taxi services.
  • CLV of 1997 on consumer protection. based on the provisions of Act (“Fgytv.”).

BFTG Hungary Kft. is obliged to investigate your complaint and after completing the investigation

to preserve all its relevant results. The legal basis for data management is BFTG

Legal obligation of Hungary Kft. However, personal data is stored through the IT system operated by BFTG Hungary Kft., and Fgytv. due to its provisions, it keeps the complaints and the results of the investigation for five (5) years.

  • In the course of an investigation or audit, the Hungarian authorities are in person by means of a written request

they can request data from BFTG Hungary Kft., which data requests BFTG Hungary Kft. is obliged to fulfill.

Data processors, data security and access to data:

  • BFTG Hungary Kft.’s partners include payment service providers who are passengers

payment will be processed electronically. It uses the platform of contractual partners to investigate and respond to complaints.

  • Personal data can only be accessed by the authorized employees of the companies under contract with BFTG Hungary Kft.
  • Location data is stored exclusively in anonymized form, unless a

the passenger’s personal data is necessary for the handling of complaints or fraud

to be used in a binding manner.

  • For research and development purposes only in a way that is not suitable for personal identification

(anonymized) data will be used.

Access, correction of personal data and blocking of data:

  • You can access your personal data through the application and access them at any time

you can change it.

  • You can request information about your personal data, in which case we will provide information

about what personal data, for what data management purposes and for how long

we manage what rights you have in connection with data management, as well as a

on the right to submit a complaint to a supervisory authority (“Authority”).

If, in your opinion, BFTG Hungary Kft. has violated your rights, you can file a complaint

you can contact the National Data Protection and Freedom of Information Authority, or

if you consider that Ondemand Apps has violated your rights, the Estonian

To the Data Protection Inspectorate.

  • You can request the restriction of data processing, especially if we no longer need your personal data to achieve the purpose of data processing.

Duration of retention of personal data:

  • The FEXI App stores your personal data for as long as it is an active user

has an account. If you delete your user account, your personal data will be deleted

(subject to the rules of this point), unless their preservation is for accounting,

they are necessary for the purpose of handling complaints or preventing fraud.

  • Payment-related data will be stored for 7 years from the last trip.
  • If the FEXI App is a fraud, a crime or providing false information

suspects, it stores the personal data for 10 years, thereby preventing the re-registration of persons who have committed an illegal act.

  • In the case of a payment-related complaint, personal data until the dispute is settled,

or they are stored until the legal claims arising from the complaint expire

  • The summary data of the trip will be stored for 3 years, after which these data will be stored

to be anonymized.

  • Please note that deleting the app from your device does not mean deleting your personal data.
  • If you do not use the FEXI application for 3 years, you will receive a notification

we will send you information on whether your user account is still considered active. if not

report back, then your user account will be closed and your personal data will be deleted,

unless the storage of personal data is for dispute resolution, complaint handling or fraud

necessary to prevent

Deleting personal data:

  • Please note that the FEXI App center is aimed at deleting personal data

can only execute your request by deleting your user account. For this

as a result, you will no longer be able to use the FEXI App through your deleted account.

  • If you request the deletion of your personal data via e-mail, we will respond to your request within 30 days and delete your personal data. This deadline is a compelling reason

if it exists, it may be extended.

  • We may retain certain personal data to fulfill legal obligations or to

in order to fulfill our legitimate business interests in accordance with legislation.

Data portability:

  • If you use your data portability request via e-mail, you will receive one

we will respond and deliver within a month. The existence of this deadline is a compelling reason

may be extended. Confirming your identity

we will forward your personal data to you

Dispute resolution and legal remedies:

  • Answering questions about personal data and possible disputes

in order to arrange it, please contact our customer service

  • If, in your opinion, the data management does not comply with the law

requirements, then the National Data Protection and Freedom of Information Authority

you can initiate your procedure (Postal address: 1530 Budapest, Pf.: 5., e-mail address:, or to a court or the Estonian Data Protection Authority

You can contact the inspectorate ( at the e-mail address

Effective March 15, 2024.